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collagen peptides of natural origin, with proven health benefits

Why Naticol® ?

Naticol® is a range of marine collagen peptides of natural origin. The many benefits of these peptides have been scientifically proven. They keep our skin looking young as well as contributing to the comfort of our joints, to our intestinal comfort, and to the maintenance of physical capacities.
In concrete terms, the Naticol® range can help to maintain a healthy body as we age.
Our ingredient can be integrated into various products such as food supplements, foodstuffs, or even beverages. It is of natural origin, soluble, odorless, colorless, neutral in taste, and heat resistant.
With Naticol®, Weishardt is committed to quality and sustainability throughout the production process.

It is the ideal ingredient for innovation in the beauty and health worlds.

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Collagen peptides of natural origin

Naticol® is derived from a collagen protein. The collagen itself is derived from fish skins, which are by-products of filleting plants. Weishardt has developed a unique enzymatic hydrolysis process, resulting in collagen peptides that are highly absorbable. They also have specific physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics, conferring many qualities to the finished products.

Our markets and applications

Naticol® is a versatile ingredient, which is positioned in many markets. Globally, these markets are related to dietary supplements, health food and products.

Our clinical studies demonstrate the ability of our ingredient to slow down the effects of aging. Thanks to its organoleptic and health benefits, Naticol®‘s areas of action are mainly focused on skin beauty, physical condition and intestinal comfort.

Naticol® news

The food, nutraceutical, and health markets are evolving. In our articles, discover the trends in our target markets: sustainability, nutricosmetics, healthy aging…

Also, discover the solution Naticol® and more generally Weishardt, to the challenges of these different markets.

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About us

Weishardt is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gelatine derived from pig and fish skins. We are also the co-leader of marine collagen peptides with our Naticol® range. We have been developing our expertise in collagen since more than 180 years.
Our activity concerns the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
Weishardt’s work is based on an expert team with strong values.

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